About Us

World Music Room Family KTV brings to the Filipinos the latest innovations in KTV entertainment. The establishment has 20 function rooms, each one equipped with the latest audio/video technology. Be-pro sound systems, LCD and plasma TV's and comfortable seating to ensure luxurious, relaxing moments inside each room. Eleven (11) rooms on the ground floor can seat 5-12 pax each; while those on the second floor has nine (9) rooms can accommodate as much as 50-60 pax.

Unlike most family KTV bars frequented by same-age groups, World Music Room is both a family and a corporate venue. It's the place to go for meetings, presentations and other corporate events that may require audiovisual facilities and privacy. Also perfect for family get-togethers and after church or late weekend unwinding, World Music Room offers restful ambiance, good food and perfect KTV entertainment. Its Repertoire of songs includes both English and Filipino favorites as well as Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Even the food is international! Yummy delights include seafood cooked in different ways and a whole gamut f dishes from every healthy vegetable sticks to sinfully delicious sisig, lechon kawali and lengua salpicao! Also available are pastas, pizzas, steaks, sushi and sashimi. There are also as many kinds of drinks as there are countries in the entire world. When we say there is something for everyone, there really is something for everyone, as even a five-year-old will have something to eat at this place!

As its name implies, World Music Room not only boasts of an international repertoire of songs available, but also is actually the product of an international mix of artistry and business savvy.

Inspired by the idea that music is an international language, WMR's incorporators thought of putting up a place that everyone can come together and make things happen or simply unwind.

Store Hours:
Mon - Thurs 4pm - 2am
Fridays 4pm - 3am
Sat Sun 12pm - 3am

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